An agency thatbuilds disruptive brands.creates logos.crafts websites.designs digital elements.designs print material.captures photography.captures videography.establishes brand messaging.strategizes marketing efforts.implements marketing strategy.communicates messaging.establishes social media presence.grows your digital following.crafts newsletter campaigns.automates consumer content generation.plans events.garners media placement.builds community engagement.does copywriting.manages crisises.helps brands recover.consults with business owners.develops better process.implements more reliable procedure.helps build stronger teams.actually does it all.

Creative vision is met with unparalleled precision and a “hands-on” approach to execution as Eric Michael and his team works closely with clients to help achieve their goals.

Brand Development

This is more than graphic design. This is lifestyle design through a strategic approach to visual and digital media communications.

Digital Development

Share your message on a global stage with the highest quality designed and the highest performing digital properties in the world {wide web}.

Business Consulting

Refining process, conceptualizing strategy, and implementing change for the steady growth and development of disruptive brands.

Public Relations

Strategic communications and event planning to establish, grow, and perpetuate your brand’s success in a hyper-competitive market.


In this, the first of its kind for The Studio, Eric Michael serves a hands-on collaborator for a comprehensive, unique creative process. The three-day in-person demonstration takes aim at brand positioning, campaign development, and overall messaging through intense audits and real-time remedies.

Eric Michael has been an outstanding resource for spreading the word about our events that may interest his audience. He is always thinking about new audiences and what might appeal to them. We have been able to leverage those audiences to help grow our own.
Kaitlyn David
Director of Marketing, Philadelphia magazine
Eric Michael has a lot of creative ideas and implements them in the most practical and timely manner. As a small business owner and entrepreneur I appreciate that he is able to get things done on a deadline and provide the highest quality work.
James Hart
Founder, Hartbody Fitness
From our first "meeting of the minds" to today, he has been invaluable in taking my "vision" of my artistic venture, and translating it into my new website. He is open to critiques, and his work ethic is great. He is dedicated to the success of his client. His personal investment in each endeavor is refreshing, and working with him is a pleasure. We're in this together.
Janice McMillen
Creative Director, JEMstones by Janice
It's befitting for Eric Michael to have two first names as this branding expert can multitask and wear many hats. Eric is both dependable and innovative in his business practices. His ability to build mutually beneficial business partnerships between his clients and other small businesses in the Philadelphia region is a valuable asset to bring to any campaign.
Garden Logan
Principal, Garden Logan Public Relations
Eric Michael is a force. His vision, work ethic and attitude are beyond his years, and he is able to provide such quality results for his clients. I look forward to chance we get to collaborate.
Melissa Alam
Creative Director, Femme & Fortune
Eric Michel is a go-getter and offers a special experience through a hands-on approach and vast industry knowledge. He helps to ensure success for all parties involved, every time.
Josh Schonewolf
CEO, Josh Schonewolf Presents